Vaga-bonding with Michael Bastian

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by Christopher Barnard


1. Designer Michael Bastian.

2. One of our favorite looks from the season: Kerouac jacket and chinos with cotton shirt, knit tie, cap, and sweater.

3. Army Navy boots Bastian found for $30.

The fall ’09 Fashion Week held in New York, which ended last week, was unique in that it kicked off the global stomp of the women’s shows, but it also quietly ended the men’s season, which started one month before, in Italy. Now that the Bryant Park tents have folded and the fashion drove has decamped to Milan and Paris, a healthy hindsight on the New York season is possible. What was daring, dour, or delightful? Looking back, a standout was Michael Bastian, whose grunge-tinged collection was a heartfelt ode to the open road. The designer, now in his sixth season at the helm of his signature label, spoke to me while recuperating from his presentation last week. “It’s like when finals have finally ended,” Bastian said. “I’m recovering and getting back into some semblance of a routine—paying bills, going to the gym.”
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