Bill Maher Takes Aim at the Economic Meltdown

Published on by The Inquirer

After teeing off on George W. Bush (a man Bill Maher calls “a thundering doofus”) for the past eight years, the host of Real Time With Bill Maher needs a new comic foil.

He tells us in our new issue that he’ll manage to mine comedy from Barack Obama (”He’s not some infallible chocolate Jesus… that’s Kanye West,” Maher says), but he’s also taking aim at the Republican party (”the Republican base has been purified, the same way that crack can be purified out of cocaine… or at least that’s how Amy Winehouse explained it to me”) and Rush Limbaugh (”I give Rush a wide latitude because he’s a drug addict”). And, of course, there’s the economy (because frankly, you gotta laugh to keep from crying). So here then, straight from the Real Time host, Bill Maher’s New Rules on How to Deal with the Economic Meltdown:

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