Salvatore : "Mitteleuropean bourgeois vibe"

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Salvatore Ferragamo
Men's Fall 09

Despite some " high fashionable journalist"s critics labeled him as " a distinctly Mitteleuropean bourgeois vibe in the cape paired with rust velvet pants or the fur-collared blue velvet jacket".As for me ,fashion observer and consumer,Giornetti's Fall men collection is the best ever seen.Some might say that he little bit lacked of creativy and i'd immediately respond  to that  : " dear high ranked taste maker" : the world is in global crisis and by the way , a majority of consumers are resetting(JP Morgan & Chase luxury analyst), going back to real values. As a Nytimes journalist quoted it  also " We hunger for Mama's meat loaf , let's back to the real values" "We wanna buy good quality stuff we could wear 5 years ahead".Now, I clearly understand why Yves Saint Laurent always hated a majority of designers saying  that they werent pleasing women/men but using them.A good designer must create a style to please his costumers and not all the fashion critics of any high ranked fashion journalist or divine taste maker...
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