Louis Vuitton :The Damn New Chocolate Thang

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I was once looking for a dapper suit for a special occasion, i  didnt have any precise idea in mind.I just didnt want to buy the classic black & white suit which you eye everytime that guys tried to dress up.Can someone tell me why always we have to wear black & white suit for a special event ?It certainly might be a dress code we had inherited from the pre - era western socialites where men used to wear black & white dress-pants, hoppeffuly that doesnt prevail anymore , i really dont picture myself walking down the street being dressed up like Marie -Antoinette.Even a drag queen in her late 40's  would be more sexy than I...Suprisingly, the show which has been realeased online friday the 17th of January  09 was not boring as most of the men fashion's shows used to be. Marc Jacobs edited a beautifully detailed blue retro collection sounded with a pianist playing live, all the notes were going deep in your guts without any permission, moving ,titillating you each time a hottie shows up. " GOSH !!!!!!!! DAMN !!!!!! AWWW !  GAHH !!!! "  : my only vocabulary available for a couples of times..More seriously , It reminded how emotionnaly disturbed i was(yes, i cried !) after watching  the movie" The pianist".Meanwhile you could guess why  i had a targeted crush on this  blue -green  silk suit assembled with black  shirt...Me wearing this !  Recession or not ,would definetly feel like a post modern african bombshelll...Watch Now

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