Take my Eyes

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"A very damaging and a wrong one, but a love story all the same," is how director Iciar Bollain describes Take My Eyes, an award-winning tale of domestic abuse.Laia Marull gives a terrific performance as Pilar, a terrified housewife on the run from husband Antonio (Luis Toscar) and his regular outbursts of violent rage.Taking refuge with her sister Ana (Candela Peña), she tries to build a new life - but she's still in love with the man who beat her.


Scooping seven Goya awards (Spain's equivalent of the Oscars), Iciar Bollain's overly worthy film asks tough questions about violent men and the women who love them. A downbeat kitchen sink drama, it owes more than a nod to the cinema of Ken Loach (indeed Bollain has written a book on the British director and is married to his friend and collaborator Paul Laverty). Like Loach's cinema, the emphasis here is on serious issues, seriously treated, but - unlike our Ken - Bollain has a tendency to let the anticipation of violence build towards thriller clichés (check out those screeching violins).read more BBC

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