Audio Buzz : "Wilsha Culture 2009" riddims all night long

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"Walshy Killa Culture 2009 Mix – Presented by Black Chiney Soundsytem and The FADER

First,i'm so excited by my new jamaica's discovery that i barely know where to begin.I'm not used to be a big fan of reaggae,(exceptfrom Bob Marley).Dont get me wrong !The main reason was it always seemed to me that it was the same music style, same kind of voice.Thanks t God internet has been created, and i'm so thrilled to have spotted on a new joint called " Wilsha Culture 2009".In the second track «  Turn me on » John legend & Estelle made an ode to reagge music, a vibing duet adding a smooth tone to reagge music’s  riddims, immediatly John grow in your esteem by  fully demonstrating that he can still be a great aartist if tomorrow he starts doing reaggae music.Not so much type of his soul flava around anymore since the music inudstry priviledged marketing over talent.« Who cares about talent ? » they would told you at 3 AM after a couple of drinks in a breathtaking star’s album realease party.Wilsha culture 2009 is a good as a whole but as always there’s some « repeat » tracks : 2* 6 * 15* 16* 18 ** 22*.It recalls me how it's "so good" to be a culture junkie always thirsty for juicy news, sounds, artists (or those who dont know me , im' the kind of guy whom could fell in love with a paint , house , music or anything else that tittillate my culture mantra). read more

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