San Francisco: The next Paris

Published on by The Inquirer

While visiting Paris, a city with a quite successful bike-sharing program ,San Francisco Mayor gavin Newsom announced that his city would get a bike-sharing program in 2009.
"Bike sharing will help connect thousands of residents and commuters to their workplaces and shopping destinations by providing bikes that they can easily borrow," said Mayor Newsom. "This bike sharing pilot project will allow us to test and perfect the bikes and technology that will be used in our citywide network.

I was in Paris when his mayor Bertrand Delanoé  lauched the  bike- sharing programm for the first time, it  actually had a phenomenal succes wich itself could be predicted biking being a part of the french  bohemian lifestyle. Maenwhile Paris hosting the cultural, intellectual life  in France, it doesnt suprised you at all everything is concentrated in an area or 41 squarre miles and t's a god bless when we  have to face strikes ,ortraffics jams. We should also keep in Mind that San Francisco among being raked 2nd most intellectual city  is the one which is more likely to ressemble to an european city.
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