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Whether your idea of fun is tracking chimps through lush forests, exploring vibrant modern cities or delving into ancient history and architecture through story or by clambering over concrete (mud in this case) examples from the past, West Africa has something exciting for you. Few people have travelled in the region more extensively than Richard Trillo, so who better than to show you some of West Africa’s best kept secrets.Although not the cheapest part of Africa to travel in, West Africa offers an unparalleled variety of activities, sights and experiences stretched across 17 countries, from the desert beaches of Mauritania to the remote rainforests of Cameroon.
Some of the best opportunities to engage with people in West Africa are in the most unlikely of settings. When you visit the Dogon in Mali, for example – famous for the vertiginous escarpment that is their home, and their masked dances and spooky insights into astronomy – it helps if you’re good with heights. The people live on some of the steepest terrain in the region and even sleeping arrangements require you to climb up a notched tree trunk ladder onto a flat mud roof (sleepwalkers beware). Visits to Dogon country are usually made on foot and always with a guide, arranged at one of the district’s gateway towns. You may be lucky and meet an artist or a hogon – a spiritual leader – but your encounters with ordinary people will always be warm and rewarding.
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