London's Design OUTRAGE !

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What kind of London restaurant attracts the likes of Liz Hurley, Donatella Versace and Madonna(even though i'm kinda pissed off by all of them !!! )? A genuine one-off. Les Trois Garcons is a handsomely converted pub, easily identified on Bethnal Green Road by its flaming torches. Inside the restaurant is pure theatre, the opulent dining room decor falling over itself with stuffed animals (mais oui, that is a bulldog with fairy wings), sparkly crystal chandeliers and all sorts of antique idiosyncrasies. Les Trois Garcons is a bit like being inside Salvador Dali's brain. The Anglo-French food is equally stunning. Duck breast stuffed with black truffles, cannon of lamb with a curry and chocolate sauce, and halibut with spring pea purée, shimji mushrooms, grapes and tarragon jus taste as exquisite as they look. The beautiful staff deserve praise too, for their warmth and knowledgeable service.

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