kanye * Louis Vuitton:let's give him a chance !

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When i heard for the first time that our lil boy Kanye was going into fashion,i said to myself another ego's mogul whose trying to get the media attention.Excuse me, but when you se Justin Timberlake's clothe line, you just want him to know that " some are made for design and others should stop for the sake of god !".I did take him seriously when he said that he want to learn as an intern but i doubted that designers moguls would hire him, when two big egos are in the same room it's not easy to make a sequinedcocktail dress..Nevermind, recently i received the pictures( i'm an insider) of Kanye *Louis Vuitton's shoe collection, being impressed by the result,if it's his own idea, one should admitt that he - at least -  have a creativity "fiber".Please, kanye if you read this dont suck all the talent you may have by getting it over your head, to help you just keep in mind that you aint " the designer" of a generation : Yves Saint Laurent is,not you( you're such a great musician).Bookmark and Share

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