Artists' mobility, exchange, and fresh thinking

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El Hadi Sy  " a Senegalese" 2009

Triangle Arts Trust, established in 1982 by Robert Loder and Anthony Caro, is organised as a network of artists, visual art organisations, and artists-led workshops. Through its activities the Trust encourages, experimentation, artists' mobility, exchange, and fresh thinking; with an emphasis on process and professional development. Each centre within the Network is independent and set up to respond to local needs.

The Network constantly expands to enlarge the base of over 3000 artists who have participated in workshops, residencies and exhibitions over the past 25 years. The development of the network occurs organically, when participating artists decide to initiate workshops or residency projects in their home country. In more recent years, separately-initiated organisations sharing similar values and approaches have partnered with Triangle for international projects.

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