J Holliday ROUND 2 To KO !

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What's so difficult about being a music artist is that once you made a huge big hit, yours fans expectations are immediatly throwned at highers levels, most which itself is why they found themselves deceived by the second album.It's my concern about
" Round 2" , J Holiday's latest album.I first heard him featuring Fat Joe on the song
" I wont tell" then the hit which gave him a way to stardom " Bed".

With no doubts, J got a pretty much good voice but what's strucked me most is while listening him you kinda have the feeling that he could do so much better aside the intro, " Fall" and " Makes That Sound".It sounded like the music you plays in the background while washing the car, you wouldnt listen it for real..

I think  he probably hasn't met yet a good composer/song writer who would know  de facto with which rythyms/beats/tones, he'd be at the top of his game.
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