New York's Underground Icon : Arthur Rusell

Published on by The Inquirer

The film "Wild Combination : A Portrait of Arthur Russell" which traces the life of the  producer Arthur Russell. Mixing fiction and documentary images, Matt Wolf has rendered the world of this legendary New York underground of the 80s. Started alongside Allen Ginsberg, his prolific career taking him to work as well with Philip Glass, Rhys Chatham and David Byrne as disco producers like Francois Kevorkian and Larry Levan.A phenomenal work  between dance music and avant-garde is left.As a director, "Arthur was a fighter who loved to create its own barriers to often frustrate his staff or his entourage.However, he still retains an innocence and a very youthful malice. "After the Soul Jazz compilation published in 2004, this film offers a new opportunity to plunge into the world of an extraordinary musician now, named "Dinosaur L, Loose Joints, or Indian Ocean", an arty muse of the disco music scene.

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