BLK JKS South African's Pop flew to NYC

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Well now we're happy to introduce another sound bumping from South Africa.... this time with a lot more Rock. Buzz-worthy afro-rock band, BLK JKS, are too big for one continent to hold. After a chance meeting with M.I.A's producer, Diplo, the band's name and music has generated enough excitement to land the cover of The Fader, Secretly Canadian. With an uber-hip look that seems just as essential as the music, the Johannesburg-based band is making waves worldwide, and this brief documentary posted on their blog gives us a peak into the lives of international music-makers on the rise. showcase at South By Southwest, and most recently ink a deal with American indie label.

BLK JKS in series: Ears To The Ground


"What makes them hip is that they’re South African and damn it, they sound it. In fact listening to BLK JKS is kind of like taking a slow cruise through Jozi with your windows rolled down. Afro-jazz riffs segue into tribal rhythms, which swagger through street-level sociology before exploding into hardcore bursts of noise, kwaai kwaito beats and addictive rock hooks. It’s not funk rock. It’s not punk rock. It’s not indie rock. It’s just music, and it’ll infect your mind if you let it.
In many ways the BLK JKS ability to genre hop is reminiscent of South African 80s white rock bands like Via Afrika, whose avant-boere-jive fusion freak-ins and erotic shebeen dub multi-layered mbaqanga chants situated rock in direct opposition to the separate development strategies of Apartheid.

Miles Keylock "Between Rock And The Rainbow Nation"

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