Don Cusack in High Fidelity - Laura's Song

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Tanya Morgan's Moonlighting was one of 2006's most important releases, what does that have to do with Donwill? Everything. As a member of this oddly named trio, Donwill not only helped in crafting one of the years most timeless releases but found his group with write-ups from well-respected publications like The Source and XXL, and heavy rotation on college radio shows around the country. In support of this release the group has performed several shows internationally including both the CMJ and Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.In his downtime Donwill is currently working on several projects. Most noteably a solo LP entitled Sketchpad, group projects with Ilwil and Tanya Morgan and a collaborative project entitled Fly Guys with longtime friend Kay of the Texas based group the Foundation.

Donwill is a multi faceted songwriter who can fit the mold of any production he is involved in. He has recently expanded his catalog to include RnB songwriting and has been working with producer Jesse Fischer on several tracks. A short list of artists he has worked and or performed with as member of his groups or soloist include Nicolay, Sean Price, Fat Jon, Main Flow, Darien Brockington, Lupe Fiasco, Three 6 Mafia and several others.

Watch  the new music video for "Laura's Song" by artist Donwill from the album Don Cusack in High Fidelity coming soon. The song is produced by Astronote and the video directed by Marques Green.A refreshing natural  clip, it seemed to me  as if President Obama has a real effect on the rap industry.Being so bored by the same old  music  video scenario played by the majority of rap artists in the game: Champagne, cars , girls, cash and photoshop.Marques Green relieved me by taking a straight step into creativy brushing aside  the traditionnal bling bling.

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