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The brand, headed by designer Daiki Suzuki, aims propagate the history and values of Woolrich “working community” by fusing modern Japanese aesthetics with authentic American functionality. The brand’s utilitarian collection is made possible with original American fabric derived from Woolrich looms. As all fabrics used are natural and untreated, the Woolrich pieces spare their wearers from byzantine cleaning instructions, requiring them only to “wash and hang.”

The S/S 09 collection remains inspired by the outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing; and true to form, each structure and design on the pieces serve its own practical purpose. This vintage American collection features casual jackets and shirts in plaid and an earthy palette of blues and greens with the occasional flash of low-key reds. The 100% cotton pants strike the ground between structured and loose fit, tailored just right for ruggedness without sloppiness. Finally there’s something for the all-American boy to wear from mule hunting to clubbing. The Woolrich Woolen Mills S/S 09 collection is available onlineat  Context.

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