Silver child skeleton / Brussels Art Fair

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Friday Morning, i called  a brussels based gallery's spokesman inquiring the name of the catchy bronze man's statue bearing a silver child  skeleton on his shoulders seen on their website.Being so busy he told me in a polite way that he really dont have my time, he barely heard what i  was saying due to the noisy art buyers around. I guessed even we all have been  media -tortured on how in- deep, severe, tough, never seen before - recession we are, folks in brussels must be doing pretty well to almost assault a scandinavian art fair in a out whacked world economy.Meanwhile, purchasing a ERIK GUNNAR ASPLUND's  molded  glass mounted on a black lacquered metal structure tagged in ten thousands could sound so  out of proportion as Meryll Lynch excutive's 1 million refurbished office and the  so controversial 1400 dollars trash can. " That's so august of you ", as my New York's pal  said it when i admitt that i 've splurged on something a little luxurious.Nevermind, i appreciated..

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