Pitch Article Ideas

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Have the following ready to cut and paste before you start to pitch an article :
  1. A synopsis/synopses of the article you are pitching.

  2. The lead paragraph of your article based on the facts as you know them today or what you think they are. 
  3.  (The facts may change as you research, of course.  We're looking for adherence to our style and ability to write a blog lead paragraph.)
  4. Your bio, in our style, as it would appear on our "Contributors" page.
  5. A working knowledge of  the topics ,the types of articles we seek, as outlined below.  
Topics covered include revitalized music scene, inspirational fashion designers, film, business opportunities. art , new photography showcase,an eye for emerging scenes and talent, inventive graphic design.

 Editorial : mohamed@blackvoices.com / manhatteshi@aol.com

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