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Few records have energized Canadian hip-hop heads like Shad's latest, The Old prince, Born in Kenya and bred in London, Ont., Shad not only deserves respect for his intelligent, conscious rhymes abd bold flow, he inspires faith among his fans, both hip-hop and in music generally.Seamlessy blending self-parody on " The Old Prince Still Lives at Home" with an incisive examination of racila politics on " brother ( Watching)", " Shad infuses his jmas with hope, fun and the right amount of gravitas.

When Shad K last performed in Toronto, there was a moment when the audience went silent....

I" never seen anything like it, says " Ty Harper, producer and host of Flow 93,5's OTA Live, who picked up Shad's The Old Prince as 2007's record of the year. He has the confidence you expect from a rap artist, that swagger, but it's mixed with humility.There were 400 people at the Mod Club and no bar chatter- just 400 people waiting to hear what else Shad would Say".

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