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Follower on my Twitter, PTwalk caught my eyes when  redirected to his website.I said to myself "again, another dude who's playing twitter as a PR tool ".Even  if it could  reveal efficient , most of the time it's " bored folks sending you boring links...."PT is ,in fact,  an indie pop singer  based in the city.
A regular and common voice, the kind of songs you put on a sunday morning to gave you some enthusiasm to tide and clean your flat.Though, there's one thing  i really enjoyed as a geek : his website's viewing experience.
Basically, you are welcomed by a page- song- book  which reads the lyrics while playing his cristaline voice, a smart idea  which  itslef change significantly your " fan" approach.His album" Mr. Macy wakes alone" revealed aslo an amazing music video for the  song " "Calvin the Coroner".Check it out..

Best songs

Ides of march

The lucky ones


Calvin the coroner


Punch drunk

Please visit his website, you could also join him on Twitter

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