How the economy is treating you ?

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" How the economy is treating you ?" Aside greetings,the ever first question  asked when you ran into friends or relatives.When its comes to portray  the  current enocomic crisis we have been brought in the english lexicon  never seemed so vast and fully ressources : "Recession, Glimmers of Hope, deep troubles, worse times ever..".One nobel prized economist agrees that an effecient respond that will not cost any bail-out money is restoring confidence and of course jobs.Meanwhile, browsing CNN money, this morning, i  suprisingly found a bunch of  interesting companies  to work  with whom are actually hiring !


Number of job openings: 150*
What they're looking for: HP is hiring in several areas of its businesses, including information technology, human resources, research and development, marketing, finance and administrative.

Time Warner

Number of job openings: 480
What they're looking for: Openings posted online include positions in creative, editorial, marketing, media, finance, accounting, graphics design, animation, new media, ad sales, film/television production and programming, administrative, information technology services and online.

Bank of America Corp.

Number of job openings: 1,860
What they're looking for: Positions are available in several areas including consumer banking, small business banking, credit cards, home loans, global banking, wealth management, technology, human resources, finance, communications, marketing and administration.


Number of job openings: 2,400
What they're looking for: Positions are available in various areas such as engineering, finance, communications, contracts, intellectual property, information systems, program and project management, operations, quality, marketing, supplier management and supplier quality, legal, business development and some administrative and support positions.

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