Must Read⇒The Spirit of Level by Richard Wilkinson

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" We can no longer improve the real quality of our life simply by the whole society getting richer " did struck a chord when late said by Richard Winkinson on Tyler Brulé's show :The Monocle Weekly.

Amid a world wide financial crisis whose not yet over according to many economist experts,we could not have a better talking points about what go missed in our core society 's values which itself used to be "get rich or die tryin".

Based on 30 years of research, this book examines why large inequalities in income are regarded as socially divisive and corrosive, and why it is that in rich societies, the well-off societies.

The author argues that rates of mental illness, teenage birth, obesity and prison population  all tend to be higher in countries where there's a greater gap between richs and poors.We could be only left to believe inequality is quite such powerful in determining social problems


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