Anjulie; sultry and Canadian !

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She sings, dances, plays guitar, writes songs, annoys people, don't drink or do drugs  as a control freak, she also jump on other peoples beds.An exquisite  way choosen by the vocal styled south american descent singer -Anjulie- to talk us down about herself.

Although now L.A.-based (or as she calls it, "Los Anjulie"), Anjulie was raised in Oaksville, Ontario by immigrant parents from Guyana, a South America nation edged by the Caribbean Ocean. This explains why her music blends Afro-Caribbean calypso, South American Latin music, and the pop, rock, and hip-hop she grew up with.

"Her sounds is a reminiscent of a sophisticated blend of indelible pop smarts, hip-hop edginess, and world-music spice, topped by sultry vocal stylings."


You may have already heard a bit of Anjulie through her songwriting, since she penned the song "Don't Call Me Baby" by Kreesha Turner. This time around, Anjulie's doing the singing, backed by producers and songwriting collaborators Colin Wolfe, who has worked with Dr. Dre and Monica, and her longtime collaborator Jon Levine, keyboardist for Toronto's funk-pop combo The Philosopher Kings.

Her debut self-titled album is expected to be released this year, but for now you can download Anjulie's music at most online places. Notable songs include the slinky '60s-inspired-Nancy-Sinatra-esque Boom (listen); the steamy Heat; and the candy-pop charm of Love Songs.

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