MenShorts went Gentry as Spring Sneaked In.

Published on by Idriss Kane

The sun is shining, Shake Shack is thriving, It's official — spring is here to stay.Goodbye darkvador coats, desperatly long burlington socks, southern- farm -style cardigans. Hello mid modern sunglasses, coffee shops terraces, M7 YSL spring scent,  akward roof & garden parties.Haahhh , It's finally warm enough for lighter clothes.
Meanwhile, clothes makers forecasted this season as if men shorts were " de rigueur "  under the vanishing Bristish empire.
Spurr's designer put a yellow trench on it gaving birth  then to a live branded man  from the upper east side.
Jil Sander, instead, played a  pure german minimalist blue and white visual contrast.
For  the brazilian bombshell prize aspirants, an outrageous D&G blue silk trunk could get them "hot spot" on a st barth's beach.

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