Vice to Bagdad, Hip Hop To Gaza

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A  NYT article told us "le savoir-vivre à la Bagad" that has been held recently in the Iraq's capital. Nightclubs have reopened, Liquor stores proliferated, clandestine cockfighting settled as a week-end time out, we could only be led to think that Bagdad is at least experiencing new ways of entertaining.

Going further, a detective stated that if he had his way, I’d destroy all the mosques and spread the whores around a little more,”. “At least they’re not sectarian.”Fo sure, a top notch solution which would at least for a period of time, retain suicides bombers from doing anything but nurturing the world most ancient profession. Meanwhile, thousands miles east away, Gaza will experience itself too, a new ways of entertaining through Hip-Hop.

The Roskilde Festival Charity 
is donating one million kroner to help establish a hip-hop centre in Gaza.Gaza is still recovering from a military bombardment at the start of the year, which left more than 1,300 dead and 5,000 homes destroyed.

The charity, which organises the annual Roskilde Festival, now wants to help the young people living in Gaza through the cultural initiative that would see a recording studio, radio station, library and stage housed in the new hip-hop centre.

It is also hoped that a number of Danish rappers will get involved with the initiative and run a number of training camps for aspiring hip-hop stars. The culmination of the training program would see a television talent show, with two finals – one hosted in Gaza and the other in the West Bank.

Having witnessed 8 years of damaging us foreign policies, without any dedicated to build a  peace –dialogue, I couldn’t agree more with the Danish’s  Foreign approach which is  "" show the kids an alternative to war, we may end with a young generation aimed to self-expression

“I wanna be a star, no more war.”

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