Dancers of Africa : Faces of Africa"

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Dancers of Africa: For the past six years, Antoine Tempé has followed Africa’s greatest contemporary dancers. By getting ever closer to his subjects, his unmistakable style dives deep into the dancers’ vital energy. Caught in mid-motion, Tempé’s dancers show us the imperceptible: moments of grace invisible to the naked eye that are revealed only when stopped by the photographer’s talent as the subjects expose their souls in the intimacy of the studio. Offering the viewer a humorous gesture, a pouting mouth, a longing to soar or collapse, this is indeed today’s Africa revealing herself through this series of danced portraits. Similar to a lexicon of souls and bodies in a universe free from clichés, Africa mirrors herself through a decidedly modern and contemporary lens, while remaining mindful of her roots.

Faces of Africa: During his travels, Tempé’s camera has also captured portraits of numerous personalities from the artistic and cultural world. The sensual treatment of textures combined with highly precise graphic composition within a square frame amazingly convey the visual emotion that comes from meeting these faces up close. These striking, square, black and white images are rooted in a classical pictorial tradition, reminiscent of the work of the masters of African photography and reflecting a deliberate choice that pays homage to their aesthetic.

In 2009, following stops in Guinea (January) Congo-Brazzaville (February/March) and Gabon (May), the exhibit will be presented in the French cultural circuit in Senegal (July) and Nigeria (October–November).

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