Smart & Successful: only when you decide.

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An hope-loaded story written by NYT columnist Nicholas Kristof gave us few tips on how to win the war on poverty.

A study has identified 3 groups whom have been unusually successful.

The Asian-Americans whom represent 20 % of students at Harvard. One-third of  all the Nobel Prizes have been received by Jews.

West Indian Blacks are  1/3 more likely to graduate from college than African-Americans.

55% of the Chinese-Americans entered high-status occupations, compared with one-third of whites.

Another study found that a child of professionals has heard about 30 m words spoken by age 3 while a black child raised on welfare has heard only 10 m words leaving that child at a disadvantage in school.

To succeed in a profession or as managers, whites needed an average IQ of 100, while Chinese –Americans managed to achieve more than whites who on the paper had the same intellect.

We could only be led to conclude that intelligence is quite malleable and owes little or nothings to genetics.Education remains the utmost decisive weapons in the war on poverty. Basically it’s up to us to be smart and succeed….

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