Top 5 men's designers : Milanese Fashion Week SS10

Published on by Idriss Kane

As i watched the italian's version of the men's wardrobe for the next summer - 2010 -  i cant help the fact that albeit talented designers there are only a few truly inspiring collections which hands down for sure transcanded the milanese week.

Etro spring summer 2010

Laying out a sandy catwalk sparkling with crystals, Kean Etro unleashed an energetic romp amidst the 09 depression-recession era: we loved it !

Forced to plunge in a almost darkened world where every collapsing media's anchor spins a daily tale on how really skrewed we're that we dont even need to get a college education to improve our way of live.We only could be  led to a desperate need for heroes, role-models making us feeling good again.At least Kean Etro got it : A show best single encapsulated by a brooklyn hipster meeting a wall street financier on a tropical resort and gaving birth to post depression's vision : a bourgeois bohemian exec sophisticately suited.Perhaps the new america?

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