Joe's Album: "Signature" [HOT!]

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On july 14th, while the french were celebrating "Bastille Day, RnB chocolate -soothing -goddess Joe released his latest baby :"Signature".Basically, it's all about Existential Despair, Heartbreak and Fireworks : The Emotional Arson of your own God Damn Life ! As women called it " Torchsongs" *sigh* ...


Jokes aside, it's a great album for a chilling-101 pyjama party, or cleaning your place when no more you can stand dirt and dust.Whatsoever, let's get back on track and see which vibes singer Joe has to offer.

The 4 first songs seemed to me as the typical slow jams without any creative sound edge and when its comes to the lyrics: it's all about a girl, sexiness, love, love and you kinda feel bored not to mention annoyed.Hopefully, as soon as you hit the songs -Miss My Baby,Come to get this,Metaphor,Worst Case Scenario- it's hard to not feel Joe's brand of richly textured and organic rnb vibes.At first ,i couldnt figure out why i was so drawn to those songs, there was some hidden reason i couldn't take it off repeat and then it hit me: Joe back  in the 90s !This was the kind of jam with wich he hit the charts: juicy,damn tasty,you're definetly digging him.


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