Best of Michael Jackson Memorial

On a sunny californian day
the red carpet was overwhelmed too
through multiples e-windows
A world withnessed a depicted sorrow
they all gathered around as they never dream of
We are the world, once he told us
Only them knew
What it's feel like going through
Usher learned sunglasses dont help
"He's gone" he began to sing ,unable to carry on
deaf tone and left alone
hopefully, Sheila delivered vibrants words
dressed in white, an us house representative angel
Then a little  girl with a french name said enough to sent us over the edge.
The best dad ever, she loved him so much.


Stevie Wonder's tribute was the greatest performance for the entire event.When he started talking about MJ we did have the feeling that he really knew what its feel like to lost someone you care.

A weeping Brooke Shields gives an emotional eulogy of her longtime friend Michael Jackson. She called their bond "the most natural and easiest of friendships."

Sheila Jackson Lee dressed in white delivered a fantastic speech with vibrants words.That girl now how to talk..

Usher learned sunglasses dont help."He's gone" he began to sing sharing with us innerside feelings that left him right off tone deaf.

Paris Katherine Jackson said a few about the best dad ever and the by the way sent us over the edge...

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