Kanye Queened Again [we know : you cant get over him !]

Published on by Idriss Kane

It's been awhile since i didnt updated any joint of information and i want to  say "sorry" to all of thoses whom spent a little of their time reading me ...geee So Much Going On .. didnt even have the time to take care of myself *sigh*.

Nevermind, let's start with the gossip round up.Impossible to miss it whether its ont TV, on the internet and i'm  pretty sure ,soon, an article on the very serious NYT:

"Kanye Queened" again at the MVAs unhappy to see Taylor Swift- I didnt even know who she was- winning over his favorite hag fag "BeYawNce".

The day after, he went apologotic before 17 millions american viewers on Jay Leno show although he didnt even called Taylor Swift to tell her how sorry he was : please can someone explain "What's wrong wih Kanye West" ?

Do you really think if anyone watches  VMAs next year it will be because people are hoping for another Kanye mess ?

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