Men Spring's Portfolio

The sun is shining, Shake Shack is thriving, and the homeless are openly jerking off. It's official — spring is here to stay.It's finally warm enough to be dressep up like a brazilian bombshell to help business.No !  Not the economy but your  fallen- off- the- cliff dating scene...

Hot piece of meat, a spring 09 Dsquared look you could adopt for a garden party in case you have something else to show up with,and you obviously want people to fuss- fluff about you.
But, be carefull ! Better gotta worked out at least 3 months, aint easy to fit in.

Otherwise, you could go for a simply sophisticated shirt and short.What definetly caught my eyes is that Yigal Arouel has ensured between blue and kakhi a visual complementary.It's makes me feel serene, cool, great...

I am barely a fan of all-men-in-jersey not withstanding Zegna who masterized it .What used to bother me in the all-men-in-jersey's attitude is that mostly you 're  alike the live femmy- upper-east-side's cliché. Instead, Zegna genuinly put in a  full masculine  edge  with a smart  choice of fabrics and colors.The cream of the crop, being of course,  brown leathered sandals ....

Shoes took aside, everything is perfect.
Jonh Barlett

 I happened to find myself reading a gossip round-up and what strucked me most is except somes a majority of guys are wearing to big suits, apparently they've been advised by high ranking stylistas. Ironnically its  worse than you could actually  expect.One day, if  'im asked to give a piece of advise for Anthony Mackie, for instance, i'll definetly  go for this grey and purple stripped suit from Spurr.Thanks to colors'contrast, you'll sound astonishing if you are dark skinned.
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